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15 Great Reasons to Always Keep a Wool Blanket in your Car


Do you keep a wool blanket in your vehicle?  My answer will come as no surprise as as a resounding YES, but considering I carry SO MANY blankets in my car the hardest part is actually keeping it in there! 
To son or helpful partner "Can you help bring in the blankets from car?" Invariably our personal one gets snagged in the process. Douh!  I tell you it is wrenching when a crazy blanket lady such as myself has to sit on the grass.  The horrors! hehe.

There are lots of great reasons why keeping a blanket in your car is super useful or even essential.  Here is our top fifteen reasons to keep a wool blanket in your vehicle:

  1. To wrap around your shoulders while watching outdoor sports.  Kids sports, weekend rugby, social touch, elite stadium sports events.  A hot day can cool fast and those sports matches are so much more enjoyable when you're warm.
  2. To protect upholstery when carrying pets.  Our best furry barky friends love the beach, sand, mud and grass.  It's much simpler to throw a durable wool blanket in the wash than to get the back seat cleaned.
  3. Invaluable to have on hand when encountering an emergency.  Unfortunately there is bound to be some time in our driving life we we find ourselves first on a emergency scene.  Even in a carpark to find someone in health distress having a blanket on hand while waiting for emergency services can make all the difference to the person in need.
  4. Wool's inherent quality of fire resistance makes it an essential survival item.  In no way am I suggesting we attempt to 'handle' something such as a car fire but there have been many cases of wool blankets saving lives due to fire protection.  Just this year there were reported cases of wool blankets saving lives of people trapped by Australian bush fires.   A more simpler example might be a firework gone wrong or bbq fault.  Having that wool blanket on hand to extinguish flame might just be all that is needed.
  5. When transporting sick kids or injured family members.  Warmth, caring and interior protection.
  6. Comfy bums. Market life often takes us sitting on the side of a vehicle, prop up stool or turned over bucket so this is something I know well. Blanket on top - less bruisey for your backside.
  7. Make shift sun shade.  Need to take 20winks break on a long car ride? Wind up the window catching the blanket edge, now you have shade.  Throw over an umbrella at the beach for extra side protection from sun and wind.  
  8. A wrap it up carry all.  Ever been on a holiday or excursion where you come back with more than you took?  With not enough bags pile it all in the centre and wrap it up straight to the laundry.
  9. After that impromptu swim by the beach or the puddle padding. You will be thankful for a wool blanket when that Sunday drive that turns into a why-not dip. You'll warm up good afterwards with a wool blanket.
  10. Date night. Watch the sunset (or rise) with your loved one.  Snugglier the better.
  11. A comfier journey for passengers on longer car rides.  Not for the driver! Sorry 100% alert for you! But for kids in the back seat a cosy snooze on a long trip might be good for everyone.
  12. Being a good mate.  Confiscated someone's keys? Give them a blanket as well to sleep it off.
  13. Caught out in a road blockage, car break down or storm.  You will be glad to have that wool blanket or two while you wait it out.
  14. A few minutes of meditation or rest at that beautiful spot you just encountered.  Now where's that book or magazine?
  15. The essential item for Fish'n'chips by the beach!  

So as you can see a wool blanket is a helpful, essential and enjoyable addition to road travel but what kind of blanket is best to have? Wool of course and the most popular choices are Travel or Car Rugs. 

Known as Travel Rugs, Car Rugs or Picnic blankets, these blankets are often fringed with tassels on two ends.  They can be all weights of wool but for sitting on, medium to thicker weight to add to their durability and warmth.  Quite often they are traditional plaid/tartan designs in darker colours.  Darker colours for blankets in the car make sense as they are getting outdoor use and while wool is naturally resistant to marks the darker colours will show marks even less.  
Thicker vintage car rugs are great for sitting on and certainly will block the wind.  These older type (some even 60-100 years old) will stop moisture seeping through from the grass.  How many adventures has a vintage blanket already been on? And then how many more to come! The stories! 

Any kind of wool blanket will work well, anything larger than Single will start to get cumbersome though.  A grey army blanket or two is a good non-bulky recommendation to keep with emergency supplies.  A tartan for a classic choice otherwise select a fun and bright blanket to whip out at a moments notice and create a statement - just be prepared you might have to share.

Happy blanket trails! 

Blog post inspired by a recent discussion on the We Love NZ Wool Facebook group check it out as great group to enjoy all things NZ Wool.

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