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Fresh Retro Love

  • 15 Great Reasons to Always Keep a Wool Blanket in your Car

    There are lots of great reasons why keeping a blanket in your car is super useful or even essential.  Here is our top fifteen reasons to keep a wool blanket in your vehicle.
  • The NEW News!

    It has been a week since our initial announcement and there are quite a few pieces of this blanket jigsaw to put together... at this point I'm not even sure if some of the pieces haven't slipped down the sofa! 
    If you are not sure what announcement (or puzzle making?) I'm referring to, last Thursday we released the news that Fresh Retro Love are making our very first NEW retro blanket right here in New Zealand.  And boy is it FRESH! ....
  • Let's Do a Wool Wash!

    How to wash and care for your wool blanket.  It's easier than you think!
  • Fresh Retro Update July

    Welcome to our new website! A LOT has happened in the last two months so I thought I'd share a few updates of where we are at and some of the things we have been working on.
  • Label Love

    Dancing lambs, snow tipped mountains, sea princesses, smiley moon faces, factory sheds and made up words! 
  • Fresh Retro Blog!

    Blog post numero uno...Making blanket history one blog post at a time. Welcome!
    I'm thinking that the first post is always - hi welcome to our Blog page.  So hi! hey! Welcome to our Blog!

    What are you going to find here you wonder?  I mean, let's face it I sell blankets how exciting can that be??  I say VERY exciting! No reals! ...