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Fresh Retro Blog!

I'm thinking that the first post of any Blog is always - hi welcome to our Blog page.  So hi! hey! Welcome to our Blog!

What are you going to find here you wonder?  I mean, let's face it I sell blankets how exciting can that be??  I say VERY exciting! No reals! Haha well I could be bat blanky mad but you know most of these blankets have 30-40-even 80 years of history behind them.  There is a story in that, I can tell you!  The history is rich, it is our kiwi heritage, our Grandparents made them, our Great Aunties hemmed them, we recognise their colours and patterns.
Plus we are making our own history with these blankets.  Every time you pull one out of the car and lie by the beach eating  deep fatty fried hotdogs you are making memories.  That blanket you just gifted your first baby mokopuna, that's a treasured memory.  My now fiance and I cosied up on a park bench at Mairangi Bay on our second date (oops wait! too much info! He stayed on his side of the bench! - knees touched! )...  That's a treasured memory.

There is a beautiful wool blanket under all those potato fritters!

So yes, let's delve into some blanket magic.  You might learn a bit about wool, you might learn a bit about restoration, you might learn a bit about knee touching (sorry!) or you might just learn about where we will be popping up somewhere around the country next week.  OOH and also I would LOVE to hear from you.  Please message me your blanket stories.  I am a wee wool history sponge.  Old or new.  I would love the opportunity to hear and share. 

Stay tuned, grab that wooly blanket and catch ya here again soon.


  • Thankyou Emma! Exciting yay!

  • Yay – your first Blog post! Congrats on the new site!


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