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The NEW News!

It has been a week since our initial announcement and there are quite a few pieces of this blanket jigsaw to put together... at this point I'm not even sure if some of the pieces haven't slipped down the sofa! 
If you are not sure what announcement (or puzzle making?) I'm referring to, last Thursday we released the news that Fresh Retro Love are making our very first NEW retro blanket right here in New Zealand.  And boy is it FRESH! 

Before I get into the details of the first release I'll step back a little with some of the lead up.  By now, if you have been following our progress you will know we are all about the iconic Kiwi wool blanket.  We love the warmth, the memories, the positive health aspects for us as individuals and the environment, we love the COLOURS and we love that they are part of our heritage.  And while I've known this next bit for a while but just to share with happy smiley faces - turns out you lot like wool blankets too. :)

Restoration of blankets is going great.  We even have a fancy slogan now - Restore to Relove! (cool huh?)  I'm not fast though.  I fiddle, I tweak, I redo.  Then I poke at Social media, wrap, research, email, fall into the abyss of the internet and then I restore bit more.   Fortunately I have some fab helpers and an awesome biz partner, Adrianne who seems to have a never ending ear for bouncing ideas.  Somewhere among the mending and internetting a little shadow of worry lurked that eventually we won't find anymore of these beauties to share with the world. We started to learn about the NZ Wool industry and how world events were shaping how we look at what is important such as supporting local industry.  A spark of an idea was born. 

You know what is coming next right? Those little thoughts that get us into a whole new reality when we act on them.... We should make a blanket.  Right here, in New Zealand, from New Zealand Wool.  And it should be bright! and fun! and useable! and lovely! ....

Jump forward a number of months and we find ourselves here.  On the brink of our new release and we could not be more excited.  

We've had a couple of trips to the mill now - progress is looking amazing.  The blanket roll has been woven, it's now been washed (pre-shrunk), measured for weave accuracy, brushed and raised to incredible softness (deserves bold type - so so soft).   Arriving in our hot little handies is getting closer!   There are a few more steps to go yet. 

It will come to us in huge lengths so we will still need to turn it into blankets, every day I look puppy eyes at the courier to see if he has my labels... Lucky for him it's contactless drop off cos when he does drop them off... well, there will be hugs.  
What else, actually there is a whole bunch of things but I won't bore you with the details.  Thank goodness for my brother-in-law Bert who is good at figuring out IT stuff.  Needless to say any holdups aside we a looking at couple of weeks - so hard to know! Everything seems to take longer but we are on track.  It's our first! So bear with us, its going to be worth it.  

So that's about where we are at right now.  There will be lots more details to come... but to answer a few questions we have been getting from you all.  Our new release blanket is 100% New Zealand lambswool and made right here in New Zealand every step of the way.  It is Single/Large Throw size and we will have a pre-order as soon as we have our first one to show.  Pricing and delivery dates will come at that time.  We want to keep it as affordable as possible and are also implementing payment options through our website to make easiest for you.  All updates will be shared on the various Socials - plus sign up for our newsletter and you'll never miss the latest info. 

Our commitment to you is to bring you a quality product that you can use and love and then pass on for generations!    We love that your purchase and support becomes part of our collective Kiwi wool story.  

oooohhhh.... one other thing... since you have read this far I'll share with you a delightful tidbit clue.... scroll down..
This blanket is the first part of the WINEGUM COLLECTION.... sqweeeee!!!!  watch this space! 

Wool loves

Spring2020 Adrianne and Kathleen Fresh Retro Love

Adrianne and Kathleen plus a whole lotta Spring wool


  • Awesome news
    Congrats congrats congrats

  • Hi, Saw your stall today at the General Collective market. Love the bright colours you use. I am interested in buying 3 winegum singles . Could you please forward colours available and prices. I intend to use them in the bunk room at our bach for my grandchildren to enjoy.



    Henny Wilkinson
  • Thank you Grace!

  • What a fantastic idea!

    Grace Ayre
  • Thank you Angela! So exciting to see our blankets take off to different places to be loved. Have a lovely rest of your day :) ~Kathleen


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