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New Year, New Wool, Planning the Year Ahead

Happy New Year! 

I hope the start of your New Year has begun full of fun and fresh beginnings.  We were lucky enough to have a week or so break with a few days away.  If you have been watching our Social Media you will have seen some of our blanket photos coming from different parts of Northland.  New Zealand really is such a beautiful country! 

We have lots planned and already well underway for 2021.  January puts us right in the middle of the Festival season.  As I write this we have just done and dusted the Kumeu Hot Rod Festival and have just enough time to regroup before the Auckland Folk Music Festival at the end of the month.  

It is so good to meet our customers in person - I get quite happy when people tell me they follow us online!  SOOO much work goes into photographs, captions, staying consistent - don't get me wrong, I love it - it IS a lot over and above actual blanket work (who knew repairing blankets involved so much writing & photography?!..hehe).  So when I meet with you'all in real life and you have been seeing and resonating with what we are sharing I do a little happy dance.  I think Vaughan is even getting used to being recognised these days! 

This week we had our design meeting with the wool mill for our new wool blanket, number four in our Winegum series.  Squee! No secrets are being let out about that one.  Blanket number three is due end of February and we can't wait.  We've already let the cat out of the bag that it's going to be in blues - I will add here for my lovely Blog readers that in true Fresh Retro Love style it is going to be bold and bright with a quirky retro twist.

February I will open up our Refresh service up again - that is, where we work some Fresh Retro Love magic on your blankets.  More info on the booking process to come so start popping any aside that you might wish to make as new again.

Along with some of our regular market events and restored blankets regularly added to the website there are a couple of other fun ideas up our sleeves while remaining flexible.  If 2020 taught us anything, it is who knows what will come next.  Like many at the start of a new year I've been thinking about goals and themes - some years I've had them and other years nothing really stuck.  This year though I've got a phrase and it's sitting with me like a friendly thunderbolt "Do small things well".  Every blanket wrapped, every email replied to, every card made, every social media post sent... small things, always done the best we can, adding up to bigger things that make a difference.  

Thank you for following along with us into 2021 :)  
Wool loves

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