New Zealand Wool, New Zealand Made / Laybuy & Afterpay now available!

VIP Pre-Sale Of ‘Cathedral Cove Dreams ’ NZ Wool Blanket - Thursday 7th July, 7pm

We’re so excited to share the news that this coming Thursday night we will be releasing the gorgeous new “CATHEDRAL COVE DREAMS” travel rug  - number three in our Adventure Awaits collection. 


Referencing one of New Zealand’s stunning landscape treasures, “Cathedral Cove Dreams” weaves in the earthy tones found in the cavern that defines this iconic beach to create a blanket that is sure to delight on any journey - indoors or out! 


Dusk – brick /terracotta
Pink salt - Blush
Sandstone - Toffee colour (light tan)
Warm Earth - The deepest chocolate brown we could create!*
Coal – Not quite black
*Fabulous Fresh Retro Love custom colours


In large travel rug size of 150cm x 170cm this blanket is fringed on the top and bottom edges.  

In keeping with the heritage of these blankets, they are finished off with our very own “Adventure Awaits” embroidered label.  As an early purchaser you stand to receive one of the ‘First 50’ off the production line.  Each of the first fifty "Cathedral Cove Dreams" travel rugs are individually numbered, making them extra special.

"Cathedral Cove Dreams" travel rugs are $279 each.


To be one of the first to purchase CATHEDRAL COVE DREAMS make sure you are signed up for our monthly newsletter on the website (you can find the link at the top of the website ) 

Then on Thursday 7th July at 7pm  we will be sending you an exclusive subscriber only PRE-SALE link. 


This pre-sale is for 72 hours only, after which we release them for general sale to the public on our website.  


So, if you love the look of this earthy, outdoors, vintage inspired wool blanket, now is your chance to secure one for yourself or someone special.  

Adventure Awaits wool loves!

Kathleen and the team at FRL



  • Beautiful blanket, i have my own from
    wool & cashmere

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