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Fresh Retro Love

  • Combined Voices

    Burnview Station in Herbertville on New Zealand's East Coast, carved with the names of the shearers and wool hands of generations before.  Sharing their story of wool.
  • Our History Woven In Wool

    Today I've been working on a beautiful Gordon Clan Tartan.  As I took note of its history that I could piece together I felt this rising in my chest that I always feel when you touch on something bigger than the task at hand.  
  • Fresh Retro Blog!

    Blog post numero uno...Making blanket history one blog post at a time. Welcome!
    I'm thinking that the first post is always - hi welcome to our Blog page.  So hi! hey! Welcome to our Blog!

    What are you going to find here you wonder?  I mean, let's face it I sell blankets how exciting can that be??  I say VERY exciting! No reals! ...